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Bionet's Response to Corona Virus{COVID-19]

Date :2020-04-06

Dear Valuable customers

Your safety is our first priority.

In order to respond to the pandemic declaration of COVID-19 by the WHO ( World Health Organization ) as well as KCDC ( Korea Central Disease Control Headquarters ), we are hereby announcing that all Bionet employee are following “ Workplace Guideline for Employers” stipulated by KCDC titled “ Stronger Social Distancing for 15days_revision date March 30 2020.

[Guideline for Employers]

① To avoid crowded work environment, keep longer distance between colleagues, telecommute, use flexible work schedule, or adjust start/end time of work and lunch hours, etc.

Postpone or cancel business trip, and encourage meeting through phone call or videoconferencing

③ Monitor fever and respiratory symptoms of employees and visitors every day, and make sure those with symptoms do not enter

④ Keep workplaces clean and manage better work environment. For instance, close commonly used spaces, such as locker rooms, disinfect highly touched surfaces every day, ventilate twice a day, and place supplies needed for hygiene.

⑤ Make sure symptomatic people do not go to work and use telecommuting, sick/annual leaves, or temporary closure. Check fever every day during work and in case of those with symptoms are identified, make sure they immediately leave.


All Bionet staffs are doing our best to support and respond to our customers demands during this tough time and we are continuing to monitor this situation hourly basis to assure the safety of our employees including the protective process trainings as well as maintaining the highest level of health and safety.

We appreciate for your support and cares as always and please do not hesitate to contact us for any further needs and let’s work together to get over COVID 19 together.


Thank you,


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